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Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Glimpse At Florida
By: Taryn Silk

March 14, 2019, Greenville N.Y.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Movie Recommendations
By: Taryn Silk
March 1, 2019- Greenville New York

There are many movies from the past that are most definitely worth watching, though many people don’t know about them. So here are just some movies that are worth your time. 

The Matrix (1999) - What if the world you thought you knew isn’t really real? If you could take a pill that will make you wake up from the fabricated world that we know so well today, would you? In The Matrix that is exactly what happens to Neo. Neo ends up having to fight for his life against a cadre of intelligent secret agents. The truth is that this could cost Neo something more precious than his life. (Rated R)

Fight Club (1999) - When a depressed man suffering from insomnia runs into a man who makes and sells soap(Tyler), the two decide to make an underground club with strict rules. They fight other men who are also bored with their lives. But their perfect friendship is ruined when Marla attracts Tyler’s attention. (Rated R)

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) - After killing his wife and her lover, Andy Dufresne is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison. However, only Andy knows he didn’t commit the crime. While there Andy makes friends, does crazy things that get him in trouble, and makes plans to escape all in 19 years. (Rated R)

The Usual Suspects (1995) - A movie with the biggest plot twist beating Fight Club is definitely a movie worth your time. After a truck with weapons such as guns is hijacked, the feds go to investigate. When police have a warrant for Todd Hockney, Michael McManus, Fred Fenster, Dean Keaton, and Verbal Kint’s arrest, a journey narrated by Verbal will show how they got mixed up with Keyser Söze and who he is. All the men range from crazy felons to a small-time con man. But these are not the usual suspects. (Rated R)

Seven (1995) - A homicide detective (William Somers) and his new partner (David Mills) investigate a murder in which the killer's crimes are based on the Seven Deadly Sins. The killer believes these Seven Deadly Sins are committed every day and go unnoticed. (Rated R)

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tips for Taking Your Driver’s Test
By: Edward Packard

February 28nd, 2018-Greenville New York

You’re about to take your driver’s test, this is one of the most exciting days of your life. Having your driver’s license opens up a world of possibilities for traveling and doing things you were not able to do before.

Before the test, be sure to adjust your mirrors, seat position, and steering wheel position to what is most comfortable for you.

It’s a good idea to leave early and drive to where you will be taking your test, that way you can loosen-up and make sure you are prepared. If needed, you can also take some time before the test to better learn the area.

While taking your test, always be sure to use your turn indicator and check your side mirrors and blind spot before pulling out from the curb and whenever changing lanes or turning in to park. It is important that you keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. (Unless of course you are driving a manual, in which you will need one hand to shift.) This will keep your test administrator feeling safe, and you will be in the most control of your vehicle. Imagine a clock, proper hand position on a steering wheel is at 9 and 3. This has changed from the previous 10 and 2 because of the risk of injury to the arms from airbag deployment.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time between cars when pulling out onto a street, especially if the street has a high speed limit. Your test administrator will not be annoyed with you for waiting until it is safe to turn, whereas if you make a turn without giving yourself enough time and you pull out in front of a car that is moving quickly, it is likely that you will lose points.

Beginner drivers often veer to one side of the road or the other. Try to stay in the middle of your lane by imagining a line in front of you coming from the center of the lane you’re in, passing through the center of your vehicle.

Always use a safe following distance between you and the car in front of you. The car in front should be at least 3 seconds ahead of you at all times. You can be sure of this by counting the seconds it takes for you to pass an object after the car in front of you has passed it.

When coming to a stop at a stop sign or stoplight, be sure to come to a complete stop before the white line in the road. You should be able to still see the line in front of you when stopped.

If the test administrator is not clear in giving any instructions, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. 

When parallel parking it is important that you take it slow. Use your turn indicator to show intent to other drivers around you, before pulling up parallel to the car in front of the spot you will be parking in. Line up your rear tires with their back bumper, turn your steering wheel fully to the right, and reverse until you line up the center of your car with their bumper. Then turn your wheel all the way to the left and reverse into the spot. Pull forward to be parallel with the curb and adjust as needed before parking.

When making a three point turn (or K turn), be sure to use your turn indicator to show intent before starting the first part of the turn. Before reversing, be sure to look over your right shoulder to make sure your path is clear. Then put your car back into drive and complete the turn.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Music on a whole different level
  By: Taryn Silk
October 2nd, 2018-Greenville New York
   If you haven’t been to Greenville High School in a couple of years you might notice a few major changes. Over the summer, the new music room was built in the high school hallway where the library used to be. What used to be the multipurpose room is now the new library. This allows the music program to be more functional.

      The newest features of the new music room are great for music. Music teacher, Mr. Meredith says, “the best thing about this room is the carpet, padded walls, and ceiling with sound abatement panels keeps the sound contained.” There are also power outlets in the floor to use for piano keyboards and microphones for recordings like college auditions and scholarship auditions

     Many people ask where the funding came from for this and other changes around the school. The funding came from the Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014. This was built in June of 2018 and they are still finishing up the room such as air conditioning. On the other hand, there is a lot of room for kids and adults.  The maximum capacity of this room is 50 kids in terms of safety with 50 chairs to hold their biggest chorus class. These changes will affect our school in positive ways.
Is “Juuling” an  Epidemic in American schools?
By: Lucas Ballard

November 26th, 2018 - Greenville New York
As all of us here at GCS know, there has been a popular teenage “epidemic” happening all across America. This being, teenage vaping. Specifically, our school focused on teens using a popular device called, Juul. This is not news to us. Our school took the time to bring in a public health educator, and present grades nine through twelve on the dangers of “Juuling” and the use of other electronic cigarettes. 

When asking some high schoolers that go to our school if they have ever used a Juul before, 13 kids said yes, and 14 kids said that they have not. As a follow-up question, I asked everyone if the presentation that the school showed us changed their opinion or outlook on Juul, or if they would stop Juuling. Some common responses I got were, “no, not really…”. One “hell no! It made me want to go rip my Juul in the bathroom”, and one, “hell no… It made me want to do it more!” One high schooler, who had said that they Juul, said “I went home and read the box… it said like, it can cause cancer!”
A national study of teens juuling states “a 2018 study found that nearly one-fifth of youth (ages 12-17) surveyed reported having seen JUUL used in their school.”

In conclusion, every school takes different approaches on educating their students about vaping. There are students that retain this information and follow it, and there are students that do not. Many health professionals state that if you do not smoke cigarettes currently, there is no need to start using an electronic cigarette. 

First Tornado Death in 2019
By Jade Smith

February 25, 2019- Greenville New York

In Columbus, Mississippi, a town of 24,000, the first death due to a tornado in 2019 was documented on February 24th. On Saturday evening, a tornado was triggered by a series of intense thunderstorms. These high winds severely damaged two community center buildings and a school, as well as multiple other warehouses and businesses. Most importantly, the destruction of the First Pentecostal Church of Columbus was inflicted. The demolishment of this building, unfortunately, resulted in the death of Ashley Glynell Pounds at age 41. 13 other people were injured as well with non-life threatening wounds. On Sunday, February 24th, Governor Phil Bryant made a confident testament for Columbus residents on Twitter to view, tweeting, "So far one fatality has been confirmed and damage assessments are now underway. We are saddened by the loss of life but thankful it was not much worse. We are grateful this Sunday morning.” 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

World Record Breaking Instagram Egg.
By: Lucas Ballard
January 18th, 2019 - Greenville, New York

On January 4th, 2019, an Instagram account scrambled to the internet to attempt breaking an Instagram world record of the most liked photo post on Instagram. The photo was of an egg with a white background. On January 13th, 2019, the egg officially broke the previous record-holding most liked post on Instagram. The account goes by the name @world_record_egg, and currently has 7.7 million followers. As of 2:18 pm on January 18th, 2019, the post has 48,484,085 likes. This breaks the previous most liked photo on Instagram, posted by Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) on February 6th, 2018, which has 18,636,836 likes. Lots of people started putting the post of the egg on their story so other people could view the story and give the post more likes. This sparked a huge chain reaction which ultimately ended up setting the world record for the most liked post on Instagram. The record-breaking egg has sparked a huge talk on the internet on how a stock picture of an egg got more than double the amount of likes of a Hollywood celebrities newborn child. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

California Plagued by Worst Wildfires in History
By Jade Smith
November 14, 2018 - Greenville, New York

On Thursday, November 8th, an outbreak of flames engulfed the wooded part of Butte County in California. This fire started at about 6:30 am. This inferno would continue, like the Woolsey Fire which was in relatively close proximity. The cause of the flames is unknown, with speculation of power supply company, PG&E’s power lines being blown by the wind. PG&E reported an outage on Thursday at 2:22 PM, only 2 minutes before the fire went ablaze.  The dry brush, high winds, and high temperature of California create the perfect breeding ground for a forest fire. Overall, it could take months for investigators to assess what may have started the fire. As with the Tubbs Fire, which leveled entire Santa Rosa neighborhoods last October, is still being investigated today. This fire has been named “The Camp Fire” due to its commencing location.

Since The Camp Fire began, it has completely decimated an entire small town called Paradise, including 18,733 buildings; 13,972 being homes. The fire’s current death toll stands at 88 people, as well as 3 severely injured firefighters, and left 203 people missing. This wildfire was one of the largest in decades, argued to be even the largest ever. It covered 153,336 acres of land in California. As it can be assumed, people evacuated homes by the thousands. Cars were burned and bodies were charred during the process for many. Most victims were not even identifiable, resulting in an increase of missing people.

This fire resulted in mass destruction and caused terror over California until November 25th, when it was officially announced that the Camp Fire had been 100% contained. 18 days of flames leaves the firefighters claiming they’ll be continuing to check the site for the next several months to completely ensure containment.

Recent Pep Rally Changes: Have They Changed School Spirit?

October 23rd, 2018- Greenville New York
By Jade Smith

As everyone already knows, Greenville School has made obvious changes recently, including a new library, the change in setting of ALP, and constant construction. But one change that isn’t so obvious, but noticed and felt by many students, is the change in setup of the pep rally. Students look forward to this event every year, but has the excitement decreased since this change?

In the three years prior, the location and time of the pep rally have transitioned from an after-school event outdoors, to an indoor event during 9th period. Currently, our pep rally had commenced with an introduction including some teachers and the sports teams. The students sit on the bleachers along with their class and watch as a select few students participate in games and activities, such as knockout and dodgeball, and usually tug of war. These activities differ from the activities that were available prior to the past 3 years’ pep rally. Activities included things such as bobbing for apples, pie throwing at teachers and football games. Past pep rallies also boasted multiple stands selling a variety of snacks and drinks.

Students were asked if they preferred the pep rally in the past or present. “There isn’t enough room for everybody's participation,” junior Morgan Whitbeck stated, showing her support for the pep rally in the past, as well as Emma Smith (junior) who said, “it’s a lot less crammed [outside]”. Kate Dushane didn't have a preference as she proved both sides had their advantages by admitting, “the school had a nice idea in keeping everyone at the pep rally together, to play games together….but outside there’s more space, food, and it's nice to be outside in the fall.”

The pep rally in the past still began with a 9th-period introduction for the whole high school, but it included the outdoor options after. Whereas our current pep rally doesn’t have those options.  Another junior, Kasey Pfleging, said she preferred the pep rally in the past due to the fact that, “there’s more to do outside than there is during the short period in the gym.” Opposing side senior, Gabby Gardner says she likes the pep rally during 9th period because she “feel[s] like [at] the one in the past there weren’t many activities to do.” Greenville graduate, Killian Bates prefers the pep rally in the past, reporting, “[I] got to have a safe place to play with my friends and [it was] a good time to raise money for my graduating class.”

Although, students seem to have a various range of opinions on the pep rally, the overall pattern seems to decide that students enjoy the pep rally in the past rather than the 9th period pep rally. In an attempt for more information, Ms.Lochner, coordinator of spirit week and the pep rally, was not available to answer questions at this time.

A related topic being discussed currently is the amount of input students have in spirit week and if they maybe want more. The amount of participation in spirit week would increase greatly if the students were able to have more of a decision on the themes during spirit week. It’d create more of a motivation for students to participate in the day-to-day themes. They’d feel more connected and part of spirit week.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Out With the Old Library, In With the New Media Center
By: Taryn SilkBy: Taryn Silk
November 26th, 2018 - Greenville New York
    If you haven’t been in the Greenville high school in a couple of years, you may notice some distinct changes. The new library, built in the summer of 2018, is now located where the Middle School Multipurpose Room used to be. Where the old library used to be, the ALP and new music room have been built there.
   The newest features of the new library include wheels on the furniture to move things around when wanted or needed. “Café-like stools and tables for kids who want to eat in the library,” Says Mrs. Lockwood, the tables and stools are tall for students that want snacks and are not allowed to eat on the couches. There is also much more space to move around if backpacks are on the floor and for students to feel more comfortable. All the furniture in the library is new and clean and there are outlets by the café-like station.

   The students love the new library too. Troy Wank, freshman, says, “This is a good place to relax, and there’s a lot of space. There are outlets to charge your phone when it’s low on battery”. Adam Haring, freshman, says, “It’s really big and the chairs are really comfortable.” Both of them go to the library almost every day because of how much space there is and how comfortable it is.

A Glimpse At Florida By: Taryn Silk March 14, 2019, Greenville N.Y. Feature