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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

David Ortiz gets struck out
By Zachary Blakeslee

June 12th, 2019 - Greenville, New York
Baseball Legend David Ortiz was shot in the back in the Dominican Republic at a club on Sunday. There are two suspects. One got away on foot and the other who was beaten by a crowd until police arrived. Ortiz whose wife was in the US at the time is waiting for him to be well enough to go to America after he recovers from surgery. After undergoing surgery, Ortiz is in stable condition after having a portion of his intestines and gallbladder removed. The man who was captured had recently been charged as an accomplice in attempted murder. A motive for the shooting is still unclear at this time.

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Benefits of Recreational Sports

By Jade Smith

June 10, 2019- Greenville, New York
Recreational sports and outdoor games are something that nearly everyone at one point or another has participated in. Whether it is a little league team, a family football game on Thanksgiving, or simply kicking a ball back and forth with friends; the gains from this physical activity on your overall health are a plethora of sorts. Including improvement in social, physical, and mental health. There are a variety of ways that outdoor physically active games improve social health. For one, working on a team with others helps one to make friends. This is because one playing recreational sports learns to build the skill of effective communication. Teammates must be able to sufficiently communicate while on the field and off. Not only assisting them while playing the sport, but also enlightens another skill for life. Another social improvement that comes from working with teammates is how much teammates motivate each other. It pushes one to be consistent and try their best. Recreational sports improve social health in an abundance of ways. Recreational sports also improve physical health in many ways, including weight control, lowered blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health. The direct effects of engaging in regular physical activity have shown to be able to prevent many chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression, and osteoporosis. Physical activity lowers low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol), resulting in improved blood flow and an increase in the hearts working capacity. Recreational sports also postpone the development of disability in older adults. Reducing all of these factors provides additional benefits of decreasing the risk for peripheral vascular disease. Additionally, for those with back pain, recreational sports increase endurance and flexibility, decreasing the amount of pain, and improving pain management. Another example of physical health improvement is shown in immunity. The body’s immune system strengthens with physical activity. This is due to the body’s rising temperature killing the bacteria, which also produces sweat, removing the body of toxins. There are a list of ways that recreational sports improve one’s physical health. Mentally speaking, recreational sports show major improvement. The scientific point of view claims that any physical activity produces endorphins in the brain, which are the brain’s natural feel-good chemical. This simply results in a natural sense of well being for the person being physically active. Therefore, resulting in raised confidence, good self-esteem, and improved moods. Playing recreational sports additionally helps manage one’s stress. Which results in reduced anxiety and depression among those physically active. Sports train your mind to think calmly and find new strategies to deal with problems without getting too hyper. It also helps people learn to set goals, whether it is personal, school work, or on the field. Physical activity undoubtedly shows improvement in mental health. Overall, recreational sports improve general health in a multitude of ways. Socially; recreational sports teach players effective communication and build teamwork skills. Physically; these activities build and strengthen bones, assist in weight management, and prevent a list of diseases. Lastly, mentally; these recreational sports improve overall mood, decreasing anxiety, depression, and stress. Recreational sports implement a number of lessons and benefits for ones active. Recreational sports and games improve social, physical, and mental health evidently majorly.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

15 Things to do When You’re Bored
By: Taryn Silk

May 17th, 2019 — Greenville NY
Origami- There are many things you can make out of paper and you can be busy for hours doing this. 
Paint- Look up something to paint and try to repaint it. Take Bob Ross for an example.
Hangman- This game is a classic and yet still addictive. You can spend hours playing hangman. 
Play some sports- This could be a fun game or a competitive game to win a prize. Either way both of these can be a healthy and fun way to cure your boredom. 
Listen to music- Although it doesn’t sound very fun you may be able to see an interesting story when you listen to the lyrics of a song. 
Go for a walk- There are plenty of places to go for a walk and to make them more fun go on a walk with a friend. 
Hangout with some friends-
Bake food- If it’s a cold rainy day out baking might just be the thing to warm you up. 
Ride your bike- Ride to the town park or even to your friends house. This is both fun and good for you body. 
Take pictures- Although it may not sound fun, the world is a beautiful place and taking pictures of it’s most pretty places can be very fun. 
 Take a swim- If it’s a hot day this might just be the perfect thing to do. 
 Swing on a swing- This is something you can do for hours without being bored. 
 Read a book- if the weather isn’t looking too good maybe reading a good book could be just for you
 Draw something- Look up something to draw and try your best to draw it.
 Learn a new language- There are many uses for your phone and this can be the most educational one. Download an app to learn. 
As the Ash Borers Population Goes up the Ash Trees go extinct
By: Taryn Silk

May 22, 2019–Greenville New York
Throughout North America, there has been a parasite epidemic. All of North America’s Ash trees are endangered with five out of six of different types being critically endangered. What kills the Ash trees? No other species than the invasive Emerald Ash Borers. The Emerald Ash Borers were accidentally introduced to North America in 2002 from Asia on wooden packaging. Emerald Ash Borers are metallic green beetles that feed on the tissues beneath the bark of Ash trees. These tissues transport nutrients and water to the tree’s leaves. Without this tissue transportation, the Ash trees are ultimately killed. The Emerald Ash Borers have killed at least tens of millions of Ash trees and threatens to kill many more (source: /extension/trees-shrubs /emerald-ash-borer/factsheets/EAB2940.pdf)
Why are Ash trees important to the environment? Ash trees are very strong and are used for products that require durability. This includes tool handles and baseball bats. Ash trees’ seeds also feed butterflies and moth caterpillars. Being that the Ash Borers have depleted so many ash trees, this could make our ecosystem worse than it already is. 

What can we do to kill the Emerald Ash Borer? Being that the Emerald Ash Borers main predator is the oobius agrili, a non-stinging wasp that is native to Asia, there are not many other choices we have. However, woodpeckers do eat Emerald Ash Borers, but they can’t save a tree that’s already infested. Although this is a good thing, woodpeckers are endangered and without many of them they may not be able to save the Ash trees. So next time you see an ash tree check and see if you see a d-shaped hole in it. If you do that tree is infested. If you do happen to find one, contacting Bartlett Tree Experts should be the first thing you should do. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Greenville Perspective
By Jade Smith

April 4, 2019 - Greenville NY

Thursday, March 28, 2019

NCAA March Madness
By: Jack Motta, Zach Blakeslee

March  2019- Greenville New York

This March marks another one of the NCAA basketball tournament which is one of the most watched televised programs in the world. As many as 5.6 million people tuned in to watch last year. Also, there is a tournament which is free to enter on ESPN, that, if you guess a perfect bracket, you can win one million dollars. Yes, you heard me right, the winner of Warren Buffet’s March Madness bracket challenge the he will pay you one million dollars. 

If you’re looking for teams to make an unsuspecting Cinderella run, consider Murray State, Saint Mary’s and Georgia State. Murray State would be the most likely out of the three, they are an 11 seed this year and have arguably one of the best players in the tournament, Ja Morant. He won MVP of the OVC, and he won the championship game against Belmont with 36 points. Murray State is only one of my predicted Cinderella stories, Saint Mary’s is another one. They play a weak Vilanova team in the first round who has been struggling all year, then the only really tough game would be the next round, against Purdue. But if they can beat them, they have a possible Tennessee team that has lost to Kentucky once, LSU, Kansas once and Auburn twice. They have won many close games to small schools

This year the frontrunner to win the entire tournament is Duke and for good reason. Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett have been showing off their amazing athleticism and basketball skill and NBA teams are already eagerly waiting for a shot at picking these two up during the draft. But if you don't want to jump on the Duke bandwagon, what teams should you follow? North Carolina, LSU, Kentucky, Purdue, and even teams such as Texas Tech have a decent chance at the tournament. Although North Carolina is in the running almost every year, this year they have already beat a stacked Duke team giving any people who don't want Duke to win, hope. Even though North Carolina has proven to have beaten Duke you cannot sleep on Purdue. Purdue has been historically great. They are in the Big Ten Conference and have the most Big Ten championships with 24 and in this season are 16-4 against conference rivals and are 24-9 overall with a perfect 15-0 at home. Although they were perfect at home they just made it to .500 away which might be their downfall in this tournament. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Glimpse At Florida
By: Taryn Silk

March 14, 2019, Greenville N.Y.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Movie Recommendations
By: Taryn Silk
March 1, 2019- Greenville New York

There are many movies from the past that are most definitely worth watching, though many people don’t know about them. So here are just some movies that are worth your time. 

The Matrix (1999) - What if the world you thought you knew isn’t really real? If you could take a pill that will make you wake up from the fabricated world that we know so well today, would you? In The Matrix that is exactly what happens to Neo. Neo ends up having to fight for his life against a cadre of intelligent secret agents. The truth is that this could cost Neo something more precious than his life. (Rated R)

Fight Club (1999) - When a depressed man suffering from insomnia runs into a man who makes and sells soap(Tyler), the two decide to make an underground club with strict rules. They fight other men who are also bored with their lives. But their perfect friendship is ruined when Marla attracts Tyler’s attention. (Rated R)

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) - After killing his wife and her lover, Andy Dufresne is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison. However, only Andy knows he didn’t commit the crime. While there Andy makes friends, does crazy things that get him in trouble, and makes plans to escape all in 19 years. (Rated R)

The Usual Suspects (1995) - A movie with the biggest plot twist beating Fight Club is definitely a movie worth your time. After a truck with weapons such as guns is hijacked, the feds go to investigate. When police have a warrant for Todd Hockney, Michael McManus, Fred Fenster, Dean Keaton, and Verbal Kint’s arrest, a journey narrated by Verbal will show how they got mixed up with Keyser Söze and who he is. All the men range from crazy felons to a small-time con man. But these are not the usual suspects. (Rated R)

Seven (1995) - A homicide detective (William Somers) and his new partner (David Mills) investigate a murder in which the killer's crimes are based on the Seven Deadly Sins. The killer believes these Seven Deadly Sins are committed every day and go unnoticed. (Rated R)

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tips for Taking Your Driver’s Test
By: Edward Packard

February 28nd, 2018-Greenville New York

You’re about to take your driver’s test, this is one of the most exciting days of your life. Having your driver’s license opens up a world of possibilities for traveling and doing things you were not able to do before.

Before the test, be sure to adjust your mirrors, seat position, and steering wheel position to what is most comfortable for you.

It’s a good idea to leave early and drive to where you will be taking your test, that way you can loosen-up and make sure you are prepared. If needed, you can also take some time before the test to better learn the area.

While taking your test, always be sure to use your turn indicator and check your side mirrors and blind spot before pulling out from the curb and whenever changing lanes or turning in to park. It is important that you keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. (Unless of course you are driving a manual, in which you will need one hand to shift.) This will keep your test administrator feeling safe, and you will be in the most control of your vehicle. Imagine a clock, proper hand position on a steering wheel is at 9 and 3. This has changed from the previous 10 and 2 because of the risk of injury to the arms from airbag deployment.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time between cars when pulling out onto a street, especially if the street has a high speed limit. Your test administrator will not be annoyed with you for waiting until it is safe to turn, whereas if you make a turn without giving yourself enough time and you pull out in front of a car that is moving quickly, it is likely that you will lose points.

Beginner drivers often veer to one side of the road or the other. Try to stay in the middle of your lane by imagining a line in front of you coming from the center of the lane you’re in, passing through the center of your vehicle.

Always use a safe following distance between you and the car in front of you. The car in front should be at least 3 seconds ahead of you at all times. You can be sure of this by counting the seconds it takes for you to pass an object after the car in front of you has passed it.

When coming to a stop at a stop sign or stoplight, be sure to come to a complete stop before the white line in the road. You should be able to still see the line in front of you when stopped.

If the test administrator is not clear in giving any instructions, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. 

When parallel parking it is important that you take it slow. Use your turn indicator to show intent to other drivers around you, before pulling up parallel to the car in front of the spot you will be parking in. Line up your rear tires with their back bumper, turn your steering wheel fully to the right, and reverse until you line up the center of your car with their bumper. Then turn your wheel all the way to the left and reverse into the spot. Pull forward to be parallel with the curb and adjust as needed before parking.

When making a three point turn (or K turn), be sure to use your turn indicator to show intent before starting the first part of the turn. Before reversing, be sure to look over your right shoulder to make sure your path is clear. Then put your car back into drive and complete the turn.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Music on a whole different level
  By: Taryn Silk
October 2nd, 2018-Greenville New York
   If you haven’t been to Greenville High School in a couple of years you might notice a few major changes. Over the summer, the new music room was built in the high school hallway where the library used to be. What used to be the multipurpose room is now the new library. This allows the music program to be more functional.

      The newest features of the new music room are great for music. Music teacher, Mr. Meredith says, “the best thing about this room is the carpet, padded walls, and ceiling with sound abatement panels keeps the sound contained.” There are also power outlets in the floor to use for piano keyboards and microphones for recordings like college auditions and scholarship auditions

     Many people ask where the funding came from for this and other changes around the school. The funding came from the Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014. This was built in June of 2018 and they are still finishing up the room such as air conditioning. On the other hand, there is a lot of room for kids and adults.  The maximum capacity of this room is 50 kids in terms of safety with 50 chairs to hold their biggest chorus class. These changes will affect our school in positive ways.

David Ortiz gets struck out By Zachary Blakeslee June 12th, 2019 - Greenville, New York News Baseball Legend David Ortiz was...