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Thursday, June 4, 2020

How to stay on top of schoolwork in distance learning

How to stay on top of schoolwork in distance learning
By Bella Zarcone

June 4th, 2020 - Greenville New York 

Ever since online school started, it might've been a little harder to get your work done and handed in on time. Trying to be motivated to do school work may be a little difficult too. Staying on top of school work during distance learning is important because it's still school and it needs to be done in order to pass. Some things you should do are…

  • You should set reminders for your google meets on your phone so you don't forget about those. 
  • Pay attention to the Google Calendar in your school email, or your Google Classroom.
  • Make a to-do list for the work you need to complete for the week, or look at the “to-do” list on Google Classroom if your teacher uses it. 
  • Email your teacher if you are confused about your assignments so you can get the help you need to complete it. 
  • Don't do too much work at once or you will stress yourself out. 
  • Set up a one on one google meet with your teacher so they can help out with your assignments
  • Facetime a friend and do work together so you can help each other
  • Try not to procrastinate your work or you will never get it done
  • Get rid of distractions so you can focus on your work
  • Make a routine, work on your assignments from 10-12 or in between your google meets work on your assignments
  • Do your best on each assignment even if it's difficult
  • Take breaks in between assignments
  • Don't wait too long before starting an assignment
  • Try to get your assignment turned in before the deadline


By Hudson Turon

June 4th, 2020 - Greenville New York 
Arts and Culture 

Pain is temporary, trauma is forever. 
But I can persevere through whatever. 
Experiences can change you
People can mold you 
But never forget the real you inside of you.
People will wonder 
People will stare 
People will make assumptions off of what they think is fair. 
From the color of your skin
To the size of your body
Your sexual orientation belongs to nobody.
And stickers 
Will cover up your shine.
But don’t you forget 
You where made to fly.
Opinions and judgement will put your mental state down 
But remember a smile is better than a frown.
People will wonder and people will stare. 
So give them a reason to stare. 
Be like your own museum 
Of memories 
And prayers. 
Live to the fullest 
And never let that down 
Please just remember a smile is better than a frown

Friday, February 28, 2020

Why is the New Coronavirus Getting so Much attention in the Medical World? 

By Shane Hempstead 

Greenville, NY, February 28th, 2020

Stock photo 

   This new virus that originated in China is recently getting a lot of publicity in the newsroom. This new virus has a lot of the same symptoms as the flu but without a vaccine to counter it. The Coronavirus and the flu can cause pneumonia and bronchitis if not treated or because of the patients weak immune system. 
   Because the Coronavirus is so new, the public might not know how to counter the spread of the virus. The Coronavirus is very simple to prevent all you need to do is keep clean and don’t touch public places without washing your hands after. 
   The Coronavirus has killed people but not as much as the flu. The coronavirus is most likely to kill children the elderly and those with a weak immune system because the virus attacks the upper respiratory system leaving the weaker people unable to breathe. 
   This virus is not as bad as you may think. The only thing is that there is no vaccine and how easily it spreads. Otherwise, there is no immediate threat to healthy people. 

2020 way too early NFL mock draft
By: Brandon Feit

Greenville, NY, February 28th, 2020

Now that the Chiefs are world champions, the draft order is locked in and NFL teams look to improve for a chance to claim the throne next season. Cincinnati will have the first pick in this year's draft, following a 2 and 14 season where nothing went in their favor. All heights and weights provided by ESPN.
With the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select - Joe Burrow, QB, LSU - This is a bit of a given, unless the Bengals’ Front Office decides to trade back in hopes of claiming Justin Herbert, another QB, out of Oregon. Burrow threw for 50 touchdowns, won the Heisman and the National Championship with LSU. It should be a no brainer since the Bengals were ranked 30th in offensive efficiency this past season.
Pick #2 Washington - Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State - The best player in the draft, and an absolute freak. Standing at 6’5” and 265lbs he is a very big man and one who is very hard to stop from getting to the quarterback. Washington struggled in all aspects of the game, so why not draft the best player available?
Pick #3 Detroit -Derrick Brown, DL, Auburn - Last year the Lions had the third-worst defense in the league and could not do anything in terms of pressuring the quarterback. Derrick Brown could be a difference-maker in both the passing game and stopping the run.
Pick #4 New York Giants - Jedrick Willis Jr, OL, BAMA- The giants have big plans for Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, that duo can’t strive unless the giants can get some big bodies blocking for them, Willis is 6’5”, 320, and can play guard or tackle and can move around the field well for a guy that size.
Pick #5 Miami - Tua Tagovailoa, QB, BAMA - Fitzmagic, is hot and cold, and when he is cold he is the worst QB in the league. Coming into the season this is the kid that Miami wanted, and they would be thankful to see Cinci draft Burrow over Tua.
Pick #6 LA Chargers - Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State- The chargers were underwhelmed with both the offense and defense this season and gave up too many big plays, especially during late stages of the game. Okudah is a smart defender and has what it takes to be a lockdown defender in the league.
Pick #7 Carolina - Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson - Carolina lost 8 straight games to end the season, and to add insult to injury, star linebacker Luke Keuchley announced his retirement leaving some big shoes to fill in the center of this already struggling defense.
Pick #8 Arizona - CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma- The cardinals are going all-in on Kyler Murray hoping to turn the franchise around, this would provide Murray a big time weapon and playmaker.
Pick #9 Jacksonville - Kristian Fulton, CB, Clemson- The Jags want to bring back the dominance on defense we saw a couple of seasons ago, Fulton is solid in man to man coverage and fits the defensive scheme.
Pick #10 Cleveland - Andrew Thomas, OL, UGA - The browns are loaded offensively, the amount of talent is unreal, yet without a competent offensive front 5, even these all stars struggled. A tackle is a huge need for the browns and Thomas is literally huge, 6’5” and 320lbs.
Pick #11 New York Jets - Tristan Wirfs, OL, Iowa - Sam Darnold is a promising quarterback, well he could be if he is mono free and has time to throw, Wirfs is a solid tackle who can pick up downhill momentum to help Bell out of his slump as well.
Pick #12 Las Vegas - Kenneth Murray, LB Oklahoma - The Raiders had the worst defense in the league last year and the front 7 were horrendous, Murray is versatile and can make a huge difference in Vegas.
Pick #13 Indianapolis - Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson - Last year we saw how little depth the colts had at receiver, and how easy small guys get injured. Higgins adds size and security, something Brissett could agree he needs.
Pick # 14 Tampa Bay - Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon- Last year Jameis Winston was a turnover machine and a textbook example of a loose cannon. Herbert has a bigger arm, more mobile and isn’t nearly as colorblind as Winston.
Pick #15 Denver - Trevon Diggs, CB, BAMA - Chris Harris Jr is set to become a free agent and Denver will be forced to take on the best person to start in place of Harris.
Pick #16 Atlanta - Javon Kinlaw, DL, SC - Atlanta could use an extra push up front to give their backs a chance
Pick #17 Dallas - Grant Delpit, S, LSU - the cowboys are weak in the secondary, no brainer here.
Pick #18 Miami - A.J. Epenesa, EDGE, Iowa - if you wanna win you need to get to the quarterback, the fins haven’t been able to do so.
Pick #19 Las Vegas - Julian Okwara, DL, Notre Dame - Again, The Raiders’ defense was terrible, they struggled to stop both quarterbacks and the run, Julian Okwara, is fast off the snap and can beat backs to the outside.
Pick #20 Jacksonville - Jerry Jeudy, WR, BAMA - The Jags have a young wide receiver core and none of them have proven they have what it takes to be a true #1 receiver.
Pick #21 Philadelphia - Henry Ruggs, WR, BAMA- Last season Philadelphia did not have a single receiver reach 500 yards, Ruggs can be a difference maker and a key target for Carson Wentz.
Pick #22 Buffalo - Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame - Allen likes to throw to big body tight ends, but in buffalo talent at tight end is limited, Kmet is a Mark Andrews type playmaker who could Allen’s job much easier.
Pick #23 New England - Tyler Biadasz, OL, Wisconsin- In all likelihood, Tom Brady will be returning to New England next season and he will need more protection if that offense wants to be one of the best in the league.
Pick #24 New Orleans - Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU - very versatile can really help open up Sean Payton’s offense
Pick #25 Minnesota - CJ Henderson, CB, Florida - Xavier Rhodes had an awful season, Trae Waynes struggles against the deep ball, CJ Henerson is the best on the board for them.
Pick #26 Miami - Xavier McKinney, S, BAMA - Miami Traded Minkah Fitzpatrick to the steelers for their pick prior to this, so i expect them to draft a replacement for Minkah here.
Pick #27 Seattle - Neville Gallimore, DL, Oklahoma - Seattle’s line didn’t look like it had in the past, Jadeveon Clowney, was the only seahawk who had any consistency in terms of getting to the quarterback.
Pick #28 Baltimore - Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, PSU - The weakest spot on the team, especially with the possibility of Judon leaving in search of a big money contract.
Pick #29 Tennessee - Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin - Derrick Henry may leave Tennessee to get a real chance at a ring, and if not this kid would complement his power with speed.
Pick #30 Green Bay - Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU- Aside from Davante Adams, Rodgers doesn’t have guys who can make separation consistently.
Pick #31 San Francisco - Curtis Weaver, EDGE, BOISE- John Lynch likes to draft pass rushers, he wouldn’t hesitate to take Weaver if he fell to 31.
Pick #32 Kansas City - Bryce Hall, CB, UVA- three defensive backs are set to hit free agency this offseason, rookie deals are cheaper than retaining a veteran corner.
Should Animal Testing be Banned?

By: Kayla Bogusz
Greenville New York, February 11, 2020

Should animal testing be banned? Yes, animal testing should be banned for many reasons. Some of these reasons why animals should not be for animal testing costs countries millions of dollars, most animals used in testing and research are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), a lot of the animals used for the experiments usually do not make it out alive, animals give scientists misleading information and the animal used in the experiments are treated inhumanely. 
Animal testing costs millions of dollars to put on experiments. According to,  “Animal testing in America is expensive-most of it can be cut including alternative methods used, and the money better spent for the nation's elderly such as Medicare and for medicine rather than lining the pockets of wealthy researchers who are living off the pork of the land's waste of public funding. The USA spends $16 billion dollars annually for animal testing at taxpayers' expense and is subject to massive waste and mismanagement of taxpayers' dollars.” Also, according to, “Some animal tests take months or years to conduct and analyze (e.g., 4-5 years, in the case of rodent cancer studies), at a cost of hundreds of thousands—and sometimes millions—of dollars per substance examined (e.g., $2 to $4 million per two-species lifetime cancer study). The inefficiency and exorbitant costs associated with animal testing make it impossible for regulators to adequately evaluate the potential effects of the more than 100,000 chemicals currently in commerce worldwide, let alone study the effects of myriad combinations of chemicals to which humans and wildlife are exposed, at low doses, every day throughout our lives.” Overall animal testing costs countries millions of dollars to experiment on animals and most of the animals do not even survive.  
Millions of animals are not surviving these experiments. 100,000-200,000 of animals die due to being mistreated or harmful drugs. 100,000 - 200,000 animal deaths is a loss of millions of money.  When the animal that is being tested on dies the scientist loses money because they are also losing the product that is being tested and the resources.  According to “Only a small proportion of countries collect and publish data concerning their use of animals for testing and research, but it is estimated that more than 115 million animals—including mice, rats, birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, farm animals, dogs, cats, and non-human primates—are used and/or killed in laboratory experiments each year around the world.” (Humane Society International)  Millions of animals are dying due to animal testing which is making the scientists lose millions of money. 
The animals that are being used in the testing are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) was signed into law in 1966. It is the only Federal law in the United States that regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers. Other laws, policies, and guidelines may include additional species coverage or specifications for animal care and use, but all refer to the Animal Welfare Act as the minimum acceptable standard. Due to animals not being protected by these laws,  animals being used for testing are being treated in an inhumane way. According to “According to Humane Society International, animals used in experiments are commonly subjected to force-feeding, forced inhalation, food and water deprivation, prolonged periods of physical restraint, the infliction of burns and other wounds to study the healing process, the infliction of pain to study its effects and remedies, and "killing by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, neck-breaking, decapitation, or other means.” (  Animals are also made to keep their eyelids held open by clips, sometimes for multiple days, so they cannot blink away the products being tested. ( Animals that are being used for testing and that are not being protected by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) are being treated inhumanely and the animals are dying. 
Animal testing can give scientists misleading information on the drug they are testing. Some of the drugs the scientists test may not be harmful to the animal they are testing on so it passes as a safe drug but it is a harmful drug to humans. According to, “A majority of the drugs that passed animal tests, 94% to be exact, failed in human clinical trials.” “100 of the drugs designed to treat strokes worked on animals, but completely failed in humans.” “ Over 85 vaccines for HIV worked well in primates, but failed in humans.” “The arthritis drug Vioxx, which turned out great on animals, was really bad news on humans because it caused more than 20,000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths.” (Editor on chief Regoli) Animal testing can give the scientists misleading information on the drug they are testing, so animals make very poor test subjects. 
So, should animal testing be banned? Some still may argue why it shouldn’t be banned but there are many reasons why animal testing should be banned. Animal testing should be banned because it costs the US and other countries millions of dollars. Also, animal testing should be banned because most animals used in testing and research are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) which leads to the animals being mistreated, a lot of the animals used for the experiments usually do not make it out alive, animals give scientists misleading information. So, animals should not be used for testing. 

Works cited: on chief Regoli

TikTok… The new vine?
By. Tristen Gallagher

Greenville, N.Y. February 28th, 2020

A new app has been soaring through the phones of young teens, and adults. The app TikTok has been a big thing from late 2019 to now in 2020. TikTok is an app where kids, teens, and even some adults can lip-sync, or create an audio and dance recording, or just speak to it. It is considered to be a form of entertainment, and many people compare the app, to an old one such as Vine. Vine was an app where people could create funny videos, to make people laugh. Many people compare the two apps because it is a form of entertainment, you can create your own videos, and it’s an app that went viral pretty quick. Sadly, Vine had to close a few years ago, due to way too many people using the app causing it to lag.
TikTok has been soaring through the roof as more and more users sign on. The app is described as addicting, funny, and a good time consumer. But others say that you can easily get addicted and that it is a waste of your time. The company that owns Tiktok Bytedance is estimated to be worth around $75 million dollars. The company was a big success and is currently rising greatly with the number of users every day. Right now there are 500 million users on TikTok, and the number increases every day. TikTok success rates are soaring through the roof, and it is now one of the most used apps in the world.
Before Vine closed there were around 200 million users. The success rates for sure weren’t as high as TikTok, but people enjoyed the app greatly and many people still miss the app, and watch old videos every day.

Wildfires Ravage Australia
By: Tristen Gallagher

Greenville N.Y. January 20th 
Recently as the new year has begun, the news and internet are blowing up with stories on the most recent wild devastation. Australia has been having some terrible wildfires that have killed around one million of the wildlife in Australian forests, a few of these animals include Koalas, and kangaroos. It is estimated that around eight hundred million animals have died in the fires. The environment will continue to suffer because of the smoke, and destruction of the flames.
Australia has recently been experiencing extreme fires that have caused the death of millions of their native animals such as koalas and kangaroos. Most of the animals have died due to extreme burns, or burning to death. Others have died from inhaling the smoke, which makes it extremely hard for them to breathe. The government has recently blamed lightning for the causes of the two hundred and more wildfires. The wildfires have gotten worse due to the conditions of the environment in which they take place. These conditions consist of extreme winds and a drought which made it easy for the fires to start. Most of the trees in the Australian forests have burned down, because of the giant flames that keep spreading. Due to the loss of trees, it could result in a loss of food for all the native animals. Because of the extreme drought the fires were easily started and the trees were able to start easily, and were easy to spread quickly, and easily.

The Australian wildfires are a devastating travesty. Anything that you donate would be extremely helpful. People all around the world are donating money to help pay for any damages, medical bills, and anything that people may need help affording. It's a tragedy, and we wish the best for the people and animals currently living in Australia.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Attaboy comes to Greenville
By. Tristen Gallagher

Greenville New York, February 24th

     On January 28,2020 the Christian band Attaboy came to Greenville Central School and performed a few songs with positive messages to inspire students to reach for the stars! Later that night they hosted a free concert for the community, and everyone was buzzing after, and can’t wait to hear more from them!         


By: Kayla Bogusz 

Greenville New York - January 21,2020 
Have you been really stressed out in life and have not known how to deal with it? Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. According to the, “Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge or demand. In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. But when stress lasts for a long time, it may harm your health.” So, if you are ever feeling stressed for a long period of time and do not know how to deal with it here are some ideas of how to deal with stress. 

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine -According to, “Avoid, or at least reduce, your consumption of nicotine and any drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and so will increase your level of stress rather than reduce it. Alcohol is a depressant when taken in large quantities, but acts as a stimulant in smaller quantities. Therefore using alcohol as a way to alleviate stress is not ultimately helpful.  Swap caffeinated and alcoholic drinks for water, herbal teas, or diluted natural fruit juices and aim to keep yourself hydrated as this will enable your body to cope better with stress.”
Indulge in physical activity -According to, “Stressful situations increase the levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol in your body. So physical exercise can be used as a surrogate to metabolize the excessive stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a calmer, more relaxed state.” Also according to the “Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers—and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.” 

Get more sleep -According to, “A lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress. Unfortunately though, stress also interrupts our sleep as thoughts keep whirling through our heads, stopping us from relaxing enough to fall asleep.”, also states “Avoid caffeine during the evening, as well as excessive alcohol if you know that this leads to disturbed sleep. Stop doing any mentally demanding work several hours before going to bed so that you give your brain time to calm down. Try taking a warm bath or reading a calming undemanding book for a few minutes to relax your body, tire your eyes and help you forget about the things that worry you.” 

Write it down (keep a stress diary) -According to, “Keeping a stress diary for a few weeks is an effective stress management tool as it will help you become more aware of the situations which causes you to become stressed.” Also according to, “Note down the date, time and place of each stressful episode, and note what you were doing, who you were with, and how you felt both physically and emotionally. Give each stressful episode a stress rating (on, say, a 1-10 scale) and use the diary to understand what triggers your stress and how effective you are in stressful situations. This will enable you to avoid stressful situations and develop better coping mechanisms.” 

Manage your time -According to, “At times, we all feel overburdened by our ‘ To Do ’ list and this is a common cause of stress. Accept that you can not do everything at once and start to prioritise and diaries your tasks. Make a list of all the things that you need to do and list them in order of genuine priority. Note what tasks you need to do personally and what can be delegated to others to do. Record which tasks need to be done immediately, in the next week, next month, or when time allows.” Managing your time well can allow you to have some time to relax and have some time to yourself. 

 Try relaxation techniques -According to, “Each day, try to relax with a stress-reduction technique. There are many tried and tested ways to reduce stress so try a few and see what works best for you.”, also states “For example, try self-hypnosis which is very easy and can be done anywhere, even at your desk or in the car. One very simple technique is to focus on a word or phrase that has a positive meaning to you. Words such as "calm" "love" and "peace" work well, or you could think of a self-affirming mantra such as “I deserve calm in my life” or “Grant me serenity”.  Focus on your chosen word or phrase; if you find your mind has wandered or you become aware of intrusive thoughts entering your mind, simply disregard them and return your focus to the chosen word or phrase. If you find yourself becoming tense again later, simply silently repeat your word or phrase.”

Listen to smooth music -According to, “Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones. Nature sounds can also be very calming. This is why they're often incorporated into relaxation and meditation music.”
Talk to someone -Talking to someone in your family or maybe one of your friends can really help. You don't even have to talk to people close to you; you can talk to someone not in your everyday life. According to, “ Just talking to someone about how you feel can be helpful. Talking can work by either distracting you from your stressful thoughts or releasing some of the built-up tension by discussing it.”Stress can cloud your judgement and prevent you from seeing things clearly. Talking things through with a friend, a work colleague, or even a trained professional, can help you find solutions to your stress and put your problems into perspective.” So, talking to someone can really help out when you are feeling super stressed out about something. 

Spend time with friends and family -According to, “Social support from friends and family can help you get through stressful times. One study found that for women in particular, spending time with friends and children helps release oxytocin, a natural stress reliever. This effect is called "tend and befriend," and is the opposite of the fight-or-flight response.” Spending time with your friends and your family members can definitely help you alot when you are stressed out. 
 Learn to avoid procrastination -According to,  “Another way to take control of your stress is to stay on top of your priorities and stop procrastinating. Procrastination can lead you to act reactively, leaving you scrambling to catch up. This can cause stress, which negatively affects your health and sleep quality. Get in the habit of making a to-do list organized by priority. Give yourself realistic deadlines and work your way down the list. Work on the things that need to get done today and give yourself chunks of uninterrupted time, as switching between tasks or multitasking can be stressful itself.” Learning to avoid procrastination will help reduce a lot of stress. 

Try taking a yoga class -According to, “Yoga has become a popular method of stress relief and exercise among all age groups. While yoga styles differ, most share a common goal — to join your body and mind. Yoga primarily does this by increasing body and breath awareness. Some studies have examined yoga's effect on mental health. Overall, research has found that yoga can enhance mood and may even be as effective as antidepressant drugs at treating depression and anxiety. In general, the benefit of yoga for stress and anxiety seems to be related to its effect on your nervous system and stress response. Yoga also relieves stress through stretching. When you are stressed, tension is stored in the body making you feel tight and often causing pain.” So, try taking a yoga class for a couple weeks or two to see if that reduces some of your stress. 

 Spend time with your pets (if you have one) -According to, “Having a pet may help reduce stress and improve your mood. Interacting with pets may help release oxytocin, a brain chemical that promotes a positive mood. Having a pet may also help relieve stress by giving you purpose, keeping you active and providing companionship — all qualities that help reduce anxiety.” Animals can tell when you are stressed and upset; so they can help you through alot.

So, have you ever been super stressed out to the point where you don’t know how to deal with it? If you have I recommend trying one of these techniques on how to deal with stress. Learning to deal with stress can really help out later in your life. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him and Her
By: Isabella Zarcone and Taryn Silk

January 29, 2020- Greenville New York 
Feature Article
Inexpensive gifts for her:
Kisses and hugs- Sold at Greenville Central School. Fill it out with their name and lunch period and they’ll receive it on Valentine’s Day. Price ranges from $1-$5.

Carnations- Sold at Greenville Central School. Fill it out with their name and lunch period and they’ll receive it on Valentine’s Day. Price is $1.

Makeup bundles- Can be easily found at a makeup store or even Amazon. Find one that she likes for a happy Valentine’s Day. Price ranges from $10-$20.

Jar of reasons why you love them- This might be the most romantic and cheapest gift for her. Just get a special jar and paper and think of the best things you love about them. This is free!

Candle- Find her favorite scent and light it up. An inexpensive gift that will warm her heart. Price ranges from $5-$15.

Expensive gifts for her:
Jewelry- Some good suggestions for jewelry are: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings. Some companies to buy from: Pandora, Kay Jewelers, Jared, and Chanel $10-$350

Take her out for dinner- Some places to take her out: Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, Paul’s Pizza 

Shoes- Some very nice brands: Nike, Converse, Chanel, and Vans. Whatever she is into. $50-$375

Purse- Some very pretty brands she would appreciate: Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs $80-$1,000

Perfume-Does your significant other smell bad? Here are some perfume brands that’ll make her smell good-Gucci, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Cartier, Marc Jacobs $50-$100

Inexpensive gifts for him:

Kisses and hugs- Sold at Greenville Central school. Fill it out their name and lunch period and they’ll receive it on Valentine’s Day. Price ranges from $1-$5

Carnations- Sold at Greenville Central school. Fill out their name and lunch period and they’ll receive it on Valentine’s Day. Price is $1.

Video games- This might be the perfect gift if your significant other is a gamer. Some great games are: Minecraft, Call of Duty, Overwatch, FIFA, and Madden. Price ranges from $10-$25.

Scrapbook- This is a very special and memorable gift that they will keep forever. This gift costs nothing but means so much to them.

Baked Goods- You can either buy these or make them yourself-  Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes, Cake, Cheesecakes $10-$30

How to stay on top of schoolwork in distance learning

How to stay on top of schoolwork in distance learning By Bella Zarcone June 4th, 2020 - Greenville New York   Opinion Eve...