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Friday, February 28, 2020

Why is the New Coronavirus Getting so Much attention in the Medical World? 

By Shane Hempstead 

Greenville, NY, February 28th, 2020

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   This new virus that originated in China is recently getting a lot of publicity in the newsroom. This new virus has a lot of the same symptoms as the flu but without a vaccine to counter it. The Coronavirus and the flu can cause pneumonia and bronchitis if not treated or because of the patients weak immune system. 
   Because the Coronavirus is so new, the public might not know how to counter the spread of the virus. The Coronavirus is very simple to prevent all you need to do is keep clean and don’t touch public places without washing your hands after. 
   The Coronavirus has killed people but not as much as the flu. The coronavirus is most likely to kill children the elderly and those with a weak immune system because the virus attacks the upper respiratory system leaving the weaker people unable to breathe. 
   This virus is not as bad as you may think. The only thing is that there is no vaccine and how easily it spreads. Otherwise, there is no immediate threat to healthy people. 

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