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Friday, February 28, 2020

Wildfires Ravage Australia
By: Tristen Gallagher

Greenville N.Y. January 20th 
Recently as the new year has begun, the news and internet are blowing up with stories on the most recent wild devastation. Australia has been having some terrible wildfires that have killed around one million of the wildlife in Australian forests, a few of these animals include Koalas, and kangaroos. It is estimated that around eight hundred million animals have died in the fires. The environment will continue to suffer because of the smoke, and destruction of the flames.
Australia has recently been experiencing extreme fires that have caused the death of millions of their native animals such as koalas and kangaroos. Most of the animals have died due to extreme burns, or burning to death. Others have died from inhaling the smoke, which makes it extremely hard for them to breathe. The government has recently blamed lightning for the causes of the two hundred and more wildfires. The wildfires have gotten worse due to the conditions of the environment in which they take place. These conditions consist of extreme winds and a drought which made it easy for the fires to start. Most of the trees in the Australian forests have burned down, because of the giant flames that keep spreading. Due to the loss of trees, it could result in a loss of food for all the native animals. Because of the extreme drought the fires were easily started and the trees were able to start easily, and were easy to spread quickly, and easily.

The Australian wildfires are a devastating travesty. Anything that you donate would be extremely helpful. People all around the world are donating money to help pay for any damages, medical bills, and anything that people may need help affording. It's a tragedy, and we wish the best for the people and animals currently living in Australia.

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